Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 52 - Christmas Shopping in Dunland

Hi all

In this episode we cover the following:

Aragorn will NOT cameo in the Hobbit!

Holmes gets the scoop on The Hobbit!

Gandalf almost quits over Magneto

PJ's take on 3D

LOTRO - Mithril Edition

Update 5:  Quest Notes Dev Diary

Game Reviews:
Big Game Releases

LOTR: War in the North
Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim
Star Wars:  The Old Republic

Site Seeing in Dunland

Dunland Dev Diary

Dunland Wiki Entry


I hope you enjoy the show!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Episode 51 - A Little Departure

Episode 51 - A Little Departure


The Hobbit to premiere in New Zealand

Six new Hobbit Sketches

More F2P (or Free to Pay to Play) news
MMORPG Editorial,8
DC Universe Going F2P,7

Painted Skeleton

In Game
Discussing Lore with Shipwreck on "Beneath your Feet:  Episode 4

Exploring Northern Dunland:  Trum Dreng, Bonevales, and Galtrev

My new Autumn Mount

The Hunstman Returns

Heart of the Show:  Top Gamer Moments
1  The first time getting to Meethil Harbor (WoW).  I'm not sure why this popped into my mind but it always seemed to mark the move from the early areas into the more experienced areas.
2  Watching my brother die in the cave-in encounter in Gnomergon (WoW)
3  Entering Moria for the first time
4  Wandering the shire while doing the pie and mail quests
5  My duel with Nature Lord when I was on a WoW pvp server
6  Playing a Twink in the lvl 20 BGs
7  Soloing through Garth Agarwen on my Lore Master
8  Playing any of the old D&D games like Pool of Radiance or the Ice Wind Dale trilogy
9  Finally being the top scorer in a HALO pvp battle (and then realizing how bad my competition must have been)
10  Finding the hidden lore nuggets in LOTRO (like the balrog cave painting in Moria, or the references to fallen Cardolain in the Great Barrows)

I hope you enjoy the show!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episode 50 - On the Eve of Isengard

Hi all

Welcome to episode 50 - On the Eve of Isengard!


Rise of Isengard Launches Sept 27th

ROI:  Hunter Dev Diary

ROI:  Rune Keeper Dev Diary

ROI:  Warden Dev Diary

ROI:  Crafting

ROI:  Build Your Own Dragon (sort of like Build a Bear, but it might burn down your house)

ROI:  Fellowship Maneuvers

Boba Fett:  Agent of Mordor / Yoda vs Balrog/Witch-King gets a Ride

Hobbit Land?

Evangeline Lilly fears the Hobbit

Darth Gollum?

Contest Winners

ReTweet Winner:  @Everbodylovesc

Going Sight Seeing Winnner:   Hargorin of Withywindle

The Heart of the Show:  Orthanc

Hope you enjoy the show!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 49 - The First Mythgardian and Contest Time!

Hi all

Welcome to Episode 49 - The First Mythgardian and Contest Time!

First I want to apologize.  The audio in the last segment has some feedback.  I re-recorded the segment but continued to have the feedback issue.  I will try to get it fixed before the next episode.

Contest News!
The good people at Turbine (Thanks Sapience!) have given LOTROCast two Legendary Pre-Order Codes for Rise of Isengard.  These come with all the pre-order items, Isengard, and the quest packs ($49.99 value). We are running two contests to win one of these prizes.

Contest #1:  Twitter 
From September 8-20 people with Twitter accounts can qualify for a chance to win one of these Pre-Order codes by Tweeting:

"Isengard Rises on Sept 27th. Re-tweet for a chance to win a Legendary Pre-Order Code. Must follow @lotrocast . Contest ends Sept 20.  #lotro"

The winner will be selected at random.

Contest #2:  Going Sight Seeing
In this contest players must take an in-game photo of a famous land mark in LOTRO.  Pictures and a description of why the landmark was picked can be sent to  A winner will be selected based on photo quality, landmark selected, and reason why it was selected.  Submissions should be sent no later than Sept 20.

Babysitting requires special skills

Gollum delivers another ring (seriously...when will people learn?)

Tolkien goes to Mirkwood

ROI:  Loremaster Changes

ROI:  Guardian Changes

ROI:  Minstrel Changes

ROI:  Freep Updates

Alberos is the first Mythgardian!

Listener Feedback
Steven Hamner (Spirtcaller) of to help kids

I hope you enjoy the show!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Episode 48 - Instanceless?

Welcome to Episode 48
LOTR Rules Them All!

Gollum delivers the ring....much to everyone's surprise

Rise of Isengard is Instance Free....for now!

Itemization isn't just for Taxes!

ROI:  Captain Changes

ROI:  Burg Changes

ROI:  Champion Changes

In Game
Alberos skirmishes and goes back to school.

Heart of the Show
What makes an expansion?  Does Rise of Isengard fit the definition now that it doesn't have any instances? 

Listener Feedback
Panthalassia, Swords and Spirits Videos

Shipwrek's New LOTRO Podcast:  Beneath Your Feet

Doctorwhofan raises another concern over the Preorders
Is the 25%xp bonus false advertising as it only applies to monster kills?

Casual Stroll to Mordor's Child's Play Charities

I hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Episode 47 - A Long Time Coming

Episode 47 - A Long Time Coming


Official Pics from the Hobbit

Mythgard Institute offers studies in Tolkien

Five Ways WOW made the MMO better

WOW to go F2P?

In Game

Summer Festival Mount

Heart of the Show - Current Races and Classes and Where Could We Go From Here?

Guardian - Tank / Off-DPS
Warden - Off-Tank / Off-DPS
Champion - DPS / Off-Tank
Captain - Buffer / Off-Heals/Tank/DPS
Burglar - Debuffer / Off-DPS

Hunter - DPS
Ministrel - Heals / Off-Buffer
Runekeeper - Heals / DPS (but only one or the other)
LoreMaster - Off-Everything

Future (Alberos's wish list)?
Dunedain as a playable race, Ranger as a playable class (Hero Class?)
Sub-Race Specific Stat Buffs
Cosmetics only available through quest lines (joining the Gondorian Guard, etc...)
Lossoth, Dundlings, etc.... as playable races

Hope you enjoy the show!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alberos the Powerless

LOTROCast is on hold until ComEd gets the power back to my little elven home.

Mother Nature is obviously a WoW

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 46 - Alberos the Social

Welcome to Episode 46. 

Breaking News!
Major Stat Changes

The Steed of Bright Days

Summer Festival Starts runs from June 21-July12

LOST in the Hobbit

Two more cast for the Hobbit

Rise of Isengard Trailer from E3

The Heart of the Show:  Weather Stock 2011 and Social Gaming

I hope you enjoy the show!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Episode 45 - Isengard Rising!

Hi all

Welcome to Episode 45 with the big news about the next LOTRO expansion.

In this episode we will cover....

Why so many fantasy novels suck

A Czech re-enactment of LOTR

The Hobbit Movie Titles:  An Unexpected Journey, There and Back Again

Orlando Bloom returns for the Hobbit

Famous Drunken Scenes

Steve Fry to be Major

Ian McKellen plays with himself?

Mapping out the Fellowship

What I've Been Doing in Game

World Renown:  Eriador Mount

The Heart of the Show

Rise Of Isengard launches Sept 27th


Outfits and Mounts

The Westfold Set

Helmingas Set

The Eorlings Set

I hope you enjoy the show!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 44 - The LOTROCast Reborn

Hi all-

Well after some very irritating days the podcast is up and running.  Since taking over the podcast in January 2010 I have had to:
  • Create a new website
  • Create a new Cyberears account
  • Create a new eMail account
  • Create a new podcast feed
  • Create a new iTunes account
Luckily I think that is it.  Special thanks to Cyberears for all their help during this transition!

In this episode we will cover

The News

Tolkien estate forces summer camp to drop LOTR-inspired name

Ian Holm back for The Hobbit

Fili leaves The Hobbit

Fili returns with King Thranduil

Tolkien estate settles with novel author

NY Times goofs Hobbit reference in sports section

Elrond is back!

Update 3 - Lost Legends of Eriador announced is coming

In Game
Kindred with the Lossoth of Forochel

Heart of the Show - The Lost Legends of Eriador
2 new 3-Man Instances:  Halls of Night and Inn of the Forsaken

2 new Skirmishes:  Attack at Dawn and the Icy Crevasse

New LOTRO Store Items:  2 More Cosmetic Slots, Reset Skirmish Marks, and much much more!

39 new Twitter followers

Tell your friends the show has moved!

Thanks for all your support during this transition.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Public Service Announcement: LOTROCast feed is going to change

Hi all-

Bad news.  The Feedburner account that redistributed the LOTROCast episodes has become corrupted, disconnected or what ever.  As this account was originally setup by Moormur, I don't have anyway of resetting the account or fixing the problem. 

What does this mean?  It means that you can still download episodes directly from the LOTROCast website or from our podcast hosting site, but that feeds to iTunes are permanently interrupted.

As most of my listeners are on iTunes I have no choice but to create a new LOTROCast podcast feed and to get a new account on iTunes.

As soon as I know what the new feed is I will let you all know.

Sorry for the disruption.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 43 - Taking down Ferndur


Peter Jackson Video Blogs on the Hobbit

Video of LOTRO's Legendary Car

4th Anniversary Motivational Posters Contest

4th Anniversary Celebration

Free People's Press (Weekly Community Roundup)

The 4th Anniversary Mount

Alberos in Game

Progress on World Renown (Wardens of Annuminas, Council of the North)
(Special thanks to Ranni, gylraen, ImJustGaying, Talyn328 and Jearly009 for all their support)

Taking down the Balrog in the Rift
(Thanks to Hexhazzard, Skullrocker, Natuli, Voalden, Izzay, Kyphur, Deri, Erynlindele, Jaharr, Raquelle, Clod)

Heart of the Show:   The Lost Temple

Special thanks to Puvi, Miq, Kirr, Dodini, and Lendelorn

Five things to remember in the Lost Temple
  • If there is a small glow worm....break its induction and kill it quickly
  • Don't automatically remove disease as sometimes the cure is worse
  • Crowd control any of the captains (living or dead) as they pack a punch
  • Keep the Twins separated
  • Plan out where you drop Ferndur's "puddles"
Bumper by DocHoliday from the Sally Forth in LOTRO podcast (

20 new followers on Twitter

Hope you enjoy the show!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Episode 42 - Echoes of the Dead

Hi all-

Welcome to Episode 42 Echoes of the Dead


Smaug is a billionaire!

Gollum to direct Bilbo?

Map to Middle-Earth and other scifi/fantasy realms

Steed of Minas Ithil (Minas Morgul)

In Game
Finished Vol 2

Completed the Epic Story Line through Volume 3, Book 3

Heart of the Show

Echoes of the Dead Review

Pictures of the Stone of Erech

Listener Feedback

Hope you enjoy the show.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

LORECast #8 Eru Illuvatar and the Ainur

Hi all

As I am still getting into the new content I wasn't ready to do a full blown LOTROCast, but I didn't want to go another week without posting an episode.  I've been wanting to do a series of LORECasts on the Children of Illuvatar and it seemed like Illuvatar and the Ainur were a good starting point.

I hope you enjoy the show.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Episode 41 - Awaiting the Gaunt Lords


FTC is investigating F2P

Legendary Items Dev Diary

Instance Cluster Dev Diary

Raid:  Ost Dunhoth

Crafting Dev Diary

Soloification Dev Diary

Updated Embedded Podcast Player
(Upper right corner)

Heart of the Show:  The Gaunt Lords

Not Cannon, but consistent with the lore

Thadur the Ravager (Representing Famine, in Great Barrows soon to be in North Cotton Farms by Oatbarton)
Drugoth the Death-mange (Representing Death, in the Dragonwing of Helegrod soon to be in Glacier Fortress (Forochel)
Ivar the Bloodhand (Representing War, in Garth Agarwen Barrows soon to be in Stonehights (North Downs))
Ferndur the Virulent (Representing Pestilience, in Imlad Bacharth (Angmar) soon to be in Lost Temple (Troll Shows)
Gortheron the Doom-caller (Representing Evil, in the Lhe Calvarn (Enedwaith) soon to be in Ost Dunhoth)

Listener Feedback

Map of Enedwaith - The Haunted Castle is in the south west

Ost Dunhoth (?)

The Vorpal Bunny

Another look at this deadly creature

Hope you enjoy the show!