Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 44 - The LOTROCast Reborn

Hi all-

Well after some very irritating days the podcast is up and running.  Since taking over the podcast in January 2010 I have had to:
  • Create a new website
  • Create a new Cyberears account
  • Create a new eMail account
  • Create a new podcast feed
  • Create a new iTunes account
Luckily I think that is it.  Special thanks to Cyberears for all their help during this transition!

In this episode we will cover

The News

Tolkien estate forces summer camp to drop LOTR-inspired name

Ian Holm back for The Hobbit

Fili leaves The Hobbit

Fili returns with King Thranduil

Tolkien estate settles with novel author

NY Times goofs Hobbit reference in sports section

Elrond is back!

Update 3 - Lost Legends of Eriador announced is coming

In Game
Kindred with the Lossoth of Forochel

Heart of the Show - The Lost Legends of Eriador
2 new 3-Man Instances:  Halls of Night and Inn of the Forsaken

2 new Skirmishes:  Attack at Dawn and the Icy Crevasse

New LOTRO Store Items:  2 More Cosmetic Slots, Reset Skirmish Marks, and much much more!

39 new Twitter followers

Tell your friends the show has moved!

Thanks for all your support during this transition.



  1. So happy to have you back! Feed is working fine for me.

  2. Things are lookin' good, my friend!

    I'm starting to think the Tolkien estate is doing less to hold up their patriarchs legacy and more to sue the pants off of people and make money off of his work.

    Sad days, but then again I have no idea what it's like to manage the estate of one of the most popular authors of all time.

  3. Greetings Alberos. Enjoyed your last cast as usual. One counterpoint did occur to me as you were discussing the new Icy Crevasse skirmish and the seeming implausibility of a sorcerer channeling the icy winds of Forochel to freeze Lake Everswim. I myself loved the idea behind this and I think there are several precedents in the lore to justify it. Being a fan of the movies as you are, I am sure you will recall the iconic image of Saruman atop Orthanc channeling fierce weather patterns Northward to stoke the anger of Carahdras and block the path of the Fellowship. Also, closer to home in Forochel, it is insinuated that the Witch King sent the frozen tempest from the North that foundered king Arvedui's ship as he sought to escape after the battle of Fornost. I do agree that the sorceror would have to be powerful indeed to be in the same class as the Witch King or Saruman, but would argue that it was possible, perhaps with some support from the Witch King himself. Best Regards from Middle Earth. - Braag of Vilya, Kin-Leader of Eriador's Knights.

  4. I noticed something that may or may not be what i heard, but one of the new skirms has a sunken ship in a cave in the Lone Lands??? If my map skills are correct i dont remember any water in the lone lands that would be able to cater to a ship.
    Also another great show ELb! You,Doc Holiday, and the lotro reporter crew have the best lotro podcasts out there. Maybe my preference but your shows flow way better and i am not annoyed by fake laughing and total Turbine booty kissing
    Any who, love the show and hope you do more of the Lorecasts when you have the time.