Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 53 - Double Stuff!

Hi all-

After an extended holiday and a bout with a sore throat LOTROCast is back.  In this episode we cover....

The News

Geek Therapy Web Series

Its hot in Mordor

Sweding the Hobbit Trailer

Orc and Hobbit Make-up

Minimalist Version of the Hobbit

Tolkien's Shot at the 61 Nobel Prize

The Fellowship = Middle-Earth's Special Forces

LOTR- Nazgul Board Game

The LOTR Family Tree

Isengard Wins!

In Game

Sauruman and the Palantir
 Isengard Forges
 Winter Festival Mount
 Another Winter Festival Mount


LOTRO Academy

Talking with Euphorbia (Branick from LOTRO Academy)

I Kick Your Face Comicast

The History of Rome

The Chillcast (with Anj B)


The Heart of the Show

The Mythgard Experience


I hope you enjoy the show!