Friday, October 29, 2010

Ale Association Quests - My Run Down

I am trying to get to Kindred with the Ale Association (the nefarious rivals to the Inn League).  In some ways the AA Rep Quests mirror (darkly) the Inn League quests.  I'll cover all of the quests in more detail in an upcoming podcast but wanted to give you a pattern of AA quests that is working for me.

Start by getting all of the AA quests from Jonar in the bar in Thorin's Gate.  The Quests he gives you (at least the ones I can do right now at Friend level are as follows:  An Inn League Disaster (ILD), An Irritating Initiation (II), Jonar's Special Brew (JSB), Jonar's Special Delivery (JSD), Tainted Mug (TM), and The Draught Drought (DD).  The steps to complete these quests are as follows (Note the JSD quest has a 30 min timer):

1)  Intimidate Oli in the Thorin's Hall Bar three times (II)
2)  Go to Ferin's Court and Ruin the Tasting (ILD - complete)
3)  Ride a horse to Noglond and intimidate Kopur three times (II)
4)  Ride a horse to Gondomon and intimidate Grimar three times (II)
5)  Ride a horse to Duillond
6)  Ride a horse to Needlehome and intimidate Herluf three times (II - complete)
7)  While in Needlehome collect 5 Swamp Gas from Rushock Bog (JSB)
8)  Ride a horse to Hobbiton and go to the party tree.  While you are there deliver the Special Brew (JSD complete) and break on of the kegs (DD)
9)  Ride a horse from Hobbiton to Brockborings and steal the recipe (TM)
10)  Ride a horse to Stock but dismount in Budgeford....break the keg (DD)
11)  Go to Stock and steal the recipe (TM) and break the Keg (DD)
12) Go SW to Woodhall and break the Keg (DD)
13) Go NW to Frogmortton and break the Keg (DD)
14)  Go west to Bywater and break the Keg (DD)
15)  Go SW to Tuckburoug and steal the recipe (TM)
16)  Go NW to Waymet and steal the recipe (TM - Complete)
17) Go West to Sanderson's Farm and get the rotten egg (JSB)
18)  Go south to Michel Delving and break the Keg (DD - Complete)
19)  Swift Travel to Celondim and kill seven slugs, getting their slime (JSB - Complete)
20)  Swift Travel to Thorin's Gate and Turn In Quests

I hope that helps!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Episode 34 - Not Orome goes to Harvestmath

Hey all

In this episode we revisit Enedwaith, talk about Orome and get ready for Harvetmath.

The Hobbit to begin production in 2011

Casting Rumors including two Timelords!

What's I've Been Doing in Game
Enedwaith Daylies

Not Orome
A Post from Robert
A Segment from Shipwreck from Elendilmir

The Heart of the Show:  Harvestmath
The Inn League Revisited

I hope you enjoy the show


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Episode 33 - The Enedwaith Hodgepodge

This episode seemed to be a mix of this and that.


Hobbit Headlines from (
  • The Hobbit in 3D
  • The Hobbit boycotted by NZ Actors
  • Peter Jackson to Direct
Turbine is looking for Testers for the Palantir Private Preview Program (P4?) articles on New vs Old MMOs
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
What I've Done in Game
Tail of the Shipwrecked Mariners

Orome, Huntsman of the Valar
Virtues and Traits

The Heart of the Show:  Thoughts on the LOTRO Store and Enedwaith

I hope you enjoy.