Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episode 50 - On the Eve of Isengard

Hi all

Welcome to episode 50 - On the Eve of Isengard!


Rise of Isengard Launches Sept 27th

ROI:  Hunter Dev Diary

ROI:  Rune Keeper Dev Diary

ROI:  Warden Dev Diary

ROI:  Crafting

ROI:  Build Your Own Dragon (sort of like Build a Bear, but it might burn down your house)

ROI:  Fellowship Maneuvers

Boba Fett:  Agent of Mordor / Yoda vs Balrog/Witch-King gets a Ride

Hobbit Land?

Evangeline Lilly fears the Hobbit

Darth Gollum?

Contest Winners

ReTweet Winner:  @Everbodylovesc

Going Sight Seeing Winnner:   Hargorin of Withywindle

The Heart of the Show:  Orthanc

Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Great overview of the changes to Lore Masters! Much appreciated.

  2. Are you guys seeing a lot of bugs in the Isengard expansion? My system locks up about once an hour since installing this, and it never did with Mirkwood or previous expansions. I'm wearing out my reset key with this upgrade.

  3. I haven't had to many problems with the expansion. Probably the biggest issue is the frame rate lag when entering populated zones. Its not so much that the refresh rate isn't keeping up but more like the occasional skipping forward that occurs. The other thing that throws me is the 'layers' effect. Its weird to see someone in an area and then suddenly 'poof' they are gone.

  4. I was mostly interested in the class changes and you never fail me, Alberos! I love listening to your lotrocast, it helps me to understand what's happening in other areas where I've not been involved.


  5. Great episode, Alberos! I enjoyed listening, as always.

  6. I believe you can download them from and they are also available on iTunes!