Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Episode 37 - The World Renown RPer?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In this episode we'll cover:

Congratulations to Casual Stroll to Mordor ( for being named the #1 MMO Blog by Massively

What I've Been Doing in Game
Reputation Grind for World Renowned Title:
  • Algraig of Enedwaith (Done)
  • Men of Bree (Done)
  • Hobbits of the Shire (i.e the Mathom Society) (Done)
  • Dwarves of Thorin's Gate (Working on this now)
  • Elves of Rivendell (Done)
  • Eglain of the Lone Lands
  • Rangers of Esteldin
  • Wardens of Annuminas
  • Council of the North in Angmar
  • Lossoth of Forochel
  • Grey Company (Done)
Winter Festival Picture for the Festival Fashion Contest

Yule Festival Glittering Horse

Heart of the Show focuses on LOTRO's inclusion of RP in recent Holiday Events

And then we wrap up with listener feedback including news on radiance and gloom

I hope you enjoy the show.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Episode 36 - Sick in Ost Elendil

After a holiday break and a bout with Strep I am back with another episode.


Rise of Isengard

November Update Went Live

12/6 Patch Notes,_Patch_1_Official

Lone Lands are Now Free!

What I've Been Doing In Game
My New Horses
This is my Grey Company Mount

This is my Elf Ambassador's Mount

Taking Down the Great Goblin

The Heart of the Show:  Ost Elendil

Hope you enjoy the show!