Sunday, October 14, 2012

Episode 58 - The Eve of the Horselords

Hi All!

Welcome to Episode 58 - On the Eve of the Horselords.


New Tolkien Book

LEGOlas rescues Thorin and co?

Rohan Rides on Oct 15th!  (Check out the trailer)

Massively does Rohan

Gandalf Style vs Gangnam Style

In (and out) of Game

Guest Spot:  Shipwreck's Beneath Your Feet

Guest Spot:  Brent Landon's Aldasaga Podcast

Revisiting the Great River
 My Encounter with Landroval
 Finding Meneldor
 Fighting the Spider Queen
 Back with Meneldor and Landroval

CONTEST TIME (Special thanks to Forjo for the idea):  Win a signed copy of the Tokien Professor's Book
Send me a recording of your best reading of one of Tolkien's poems or songs from the Hobbit, LOTR or the Silmarillion by November 14th.  Here is what you can win:

I hope you enjoy the show!