Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 43 - Taking down Ferndur


Peter Jackson Video Blogs on the Hobbit

Video of LOTRO's Legendary Car

4th Anniversary Motivational Posters Contest

4th Anniversary Celebration

Free People's Press (Weekly Community Roundup)

The 4th Anniversary Mount

Alberos in Game

Progress on World Renown (Wardens of Annuminas, Council of the North)
(Special thanks to Ranni, gylraen, ImJustGaying, Talyn328 and Jearly009 for all their support)

Taking down the Balrog in the Rift
(Thanks to Hexhazzard, Skullrocker, Natuli, Voalden, Izzay, Kyphur, Deri, Erynlindele, Jaharr, Raquelle, Clod)

Heart of the Show:   The Lost Temple

Special thanks to Puvi, Miq, Kirr, Dodini, and Lendelorn

Five things to remember in the Lost Temple
  • If there is a small glow worm....break its induction and kill it quickly
  • Don't automatically remove disease as sometimes the cure is worse
  • Crowd control any of the captains (living or dead) as they pack a punch
  • Keep the Twins separated
  • Plan out where you drop Ferndur's "puddles"
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Hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Alb great show as usual, and yes the sound quality sounded alot better on this episode and i cant hear any hiss anymore. great job and love the show, look forward to your next!

  2. Congratulations on killing the Rift Balrog but shame about the computer problems. A computer crash just before getting the loot is only preceeded by a crash just before the boss dies in annoyance factor.

    I enjoyed your recent casts, particularly on the lore as it has been a while since I have time to read the Silmarillion again. I did have to go away and re-read the Hobbit though, after seeing the new video from Peter Jackson. It was particularly nice to see the principle cast assembled.

    I did manage to get the World Renown done, and enjoy the extra few percent of speed. My suggestions for the Lossoth reputation, is to do all the quests, including the Epic quests from Volume 1 and then head to Talvi-muri in the west to kill Gauradan. They have the 10 for 500 rep and 1 for 700 rep items. There are repeatable quests at the four control points but I found they take longer to do than just killing Gauradan for repuation. The quests do break up the grind though!

    For the Rangers of Esteldin I found it best to head to the orc camps in south-east Angmar. If you are a lower level you are restricted to Dol Dinen but the orcs in Angmar drop the items that can be exchanged for 500 rep, rather than 300 rep, and seemingly more 700 rep items.

    Hope that helps!
    Mara, Withywindle-EU