Sunday, October 14, 2012

Episode 58 - The Eve of the Horselords

Hi All!

Welcome to Episode 58 - On the Eve of the Horselords.


New Tolkien Book

LEGOlas rescues Thorin and co?

Rohan Rides on Oct 15th!  (Check out the trailer)

Massively does Rohan

Gandalf Style vs Gangnam Style

In (and out) of Game

Guest Spot:  Shipwreck's Beneath Your Feet

Guest Spot:  Brent Landon's Aldasaga Podcast

Revisiting the Great River
 My Encounter with Landroval
 Finding Meneldor
 Fighting the Spider Queen
 Back with Meneldor and Landroval

CONTEST TIME (Special thanks to Forjo for the idea):  Win a signed copy of the Tokien Professor's Book
Send me a recording of your best reading of one of Tolkien's poems or songs from the Hobbit, LOTR or the Silmarillion by November 14th.  Here is what you can win:

I hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LORECast The Hobbit's 75th Anniversary

Hi All!

Happy 75th Anniversary of the Hobbit's first publishing.

In honor of this anniversary I am putting out a special LORECast with a few tidbits on "The Hobbit" and some personal thoughts on the book.

Here some pictures within LOTRO that are related to the Hobbit!

Bilbo's House
 The Trolls
 Goblin Town

And here are some pictures of Professor Olsen's "Exploring JRRR Tolkien's The Hobbit" book which I'll be giving away in the next few weeks:

I hope you enjoy the show!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 57 - The Power of Three

Welcome to Episode 57 - The Power of Three

Casual Stroll to Mordor walks for Child's Play Charities


Frodo RINGs the bell at the NYSE

Eomer blows stuff up

One Lego to Rule them All

Smaug the Necromancer?

Unexpected Journey Trailer

What I've Been Doing

My Mythgard/Signum Gear
 The Heart of the Show

The Hobbit went 3D now its 3 movies

SWTOR goes F2P(2P)

I hope you enjoy the show.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Episode 56 - On to Rohan...Sort Of

Hi all-

In this Episode we will focus on the Riders of Rohan pre-order.

What I've Been Doing In and Out of Game

Volume 3.6.10 - Find the  Fallen Nazgul

  • Difficulty in finding the actual quest hubs
  • Interesting way of linking back to the fellowship
Volume 3.6.11 Find Nona and 3.6.12 Mists of Anduin

  • Finding the Nazgul
  • Nona is Injured then healed by Galadriel
  • Worn Symbol of Celembrimbor

  • Diablo but not as well established
Cogito ergo sum!

Riders of Rohan

Coming Sept 5, 2012

Best Expansion of E3

Pre-Launch Website

  • Twice as large as Moria
  • Mounted Combat (wide-world vs instanced?)
  • Roving Warbands
  • War Steeds (better than current mounts, levelable special skills)
  • Continue the Epic Story Line (Breaking of Fellowship, Treebeard, etc...)
  • Advance to Lvl 85
  • Two Videos (overview of lands, trailer....fantastic music)

Must buy through a third party (Digital River)

Major Differences

Base Edition ($39.99)
  • 1,000 Turbine Points
  • Steed of the Eastemnet 
  • Friend of the Mark Title
  • Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
  • Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape Appearance (Pre-Purchase Bonus)

Heroic Edition ($49.99)
  • Hauberk of the Eastemnet
  • Evendim, Moria and Lothlorien Quest Packs
  • Outrider's Token (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
Legendary Edition ($69.99)
  • 2,000 Turbine Points
  • Armour of the Eastment
  • 6th Inventory Bag (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
  • Crystal of Remembrance
  • Exclusive Rohan Content
  • Legendary Item Booster (1 additional legacy)

  • Epic Story Line and Geography is still free....other quests are not
  • Free-Players will have to purchase a War-Steed if they don't buy the expansion
  • Mounted combat is only possible in Rohan
  • Must be 75 to participate in mounted combat

I hope you enjoy the show.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Episode 55 - Evolution

Frodo the Orphan

LOTR comes in fourth over the last 50 years

In and Out of Game:

Indulging my mount obsession
Blue Azur Mount
 Festival Mount
 Loosoth Steed
 Fireworks Steed

Following the Epic Quest Line

Class is Over

Heart of the Show:  Evolution of Gaming
SWTOR Subscriptions Drop
WoW Subscriptions Down

Hope you enjoy the show!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Episode 54 - Making and Saving a Buck

'Hi All-

In this episode we cover the


Going Drinking at "the Hobbit" for $100 & Saving the Shire

Saruman attends March of Ides Parade

"One Author to Rule Them All"

Mythgard Institute and Signum University

What I've Been Doing in Game:

I see dead people....reclining

RuneKeeper's Mount

Epic Quests

Big News:  Update 6 - Shores of the Great River

Soldiers on Landscape

Instance Finder

Deeds & Virtues Extended to Rank 14

The Barter Wallet

I hope you enjoy the show!


Monday, February 20, 2012

LORECast 9 In Eldar Days Part 1

In this first part of a two part LORECast we explore the history of the elves in the first age.  We explore:

  • The awakening of the elves
  • The distrust of the Valar by the elves
  • The splintering of the elven nation
  • The journey to Aman and Valinor
  • The creation of the Silmarils
  • The destruction of the two trees and the theft of the Silmarils by Melkor
  • The pursuit of Melkor by the Noldor
  • The Kinslaying 
  • The return of the Noldor to Middle-Earth
Part 2 of the LORECast is coming soon.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 53 - Double Stuff!

Hi all-

After an extended holiday and a bout with a sore throat LOTROCast is back.  In this episode we cover....

The News

Geek Therapy Web Series

Its hot in Mordor

Sweding the Hobbit Trailer

Orc and Hobbit Make-up

Minimalist Version of the Hobbit

Tolkien's Shot at the 61 Nobel Prize

The Fellowship = Middle-Earth's Special Forces

LOTR- Nazgul Board Game

The LOTR Family Tree

Isengard Wins!

In Game

Sauruman and the Palantir
 Isengard Forges
 Winter Festival Mount
 Another Winter Festival Mount


LOTRO Academy

Talking with Euphorbia (Branick from LOTRO Academy)

I Kick Your Face Comicast

The History of Rome

The Chillcast (with Anj B)


The Heart of the Show

The Mythgard Experience


I hope you enjoy the show!