Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 49 - The First Mythgardian and Contest Time!

Hi all

Welcome to Episode 49 - The First Mythgardian and Contest Time!

First I want to apologize.  The audio in the last segment has some feedback.  I re-recorded the segment but continued to have the feedback issue.  I will try to get it fixed before the next episode.

Contest News!
The good people at Turbine (Thanks Sapience!) have given LOTROCast two Legendary Pre-Order Codes for Rise of Isengard.  These come with all the pre-order items, Isengard, and the quest packs ($49.99 value). We are running two contests to win one of these prizes.

Contest #1:  Twitter 
From September 8-20 people with Twitter accounts can qualify for a chance to win one of these Pre-Order codes by Tweeting:

"Isengard Rises on Sept 27th. Re-tweet for a chance to win a Legendary Pre-Order Code. Must follow @lotrocast . Contest ends Sept 20.  #lotro"

The winner will be selected at random.

Contest #2:  Going Sight Seeing
In this contest players must take an in-game photo of a famous land mark in LOTRO.  Pictures and a description of why the landmark was picked can be sent to  A winner will be selected based on photo quality, landmark selected, and reason why it was selected.  Submissions should be sent no later than Sept 20.

Babysitting requires special skills

Gollum delivers another ring (seriously...when will people learn?)

Tolkien goes to Mirkwood

ROI:  Loremaster Changes

ROI:  Guardian Changes

ROI:  Minstrel Changes

ROI:  Freep Updates

Alberos is the first Mythgardian!

Listener Feedback
Steven Hamner (Spirtcaller) of to help kids

I hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Hey Tried to enter the twitter contest.. would not let me retweet as it was too long so Just posted it.. I hope that counted :) thanks!!!

  2. Heya Alberos,
    I thank you for another great episode. I always enjoy listening to the latest and greatest in middle-earth news. I think it's awesome that you're doing more contests, especially since I haven't purchased RoI yet ;P.
    See you in Middle Earth,
    Isaeric of Arkenstone.