Thursday, July 5, 2012

Episode 56 - On to Rohan...Sort Of

Hi all-

In this Episode we will focus on the Riders of Rohan pre-order.

What I've Been Doing In and Out of Game

Volume 3.6.10 - Find the  Fallen Nazgul

  • Difficulty in finding the actual quest hubs
  • Interesting way of linking back to the fellowship
Volume 3.6.11 Find Nona and 3.6.12 Mists of Anduin

  • Finding the Nazgul
  • Nona is Injured then healed by Galadriel
  • Worn Symbol of Celembrimbor

  • Diablo but not as well established
Cogito ergo sum!

Riders of Rohan

Coming Sept 5, 2012

Best Expansion of E3

Pre-Launch Website

  • Twice as large as Moria
  • Mounted Combat (wide-world vs instanced?)
  • Roving Warbands
  • War Steeds (better than current mounts, levelable special skills)
  • Continue the Epic Story Line (Breaking of Fellowship, Treebeard, etc...)
  • Advance to Lvl 85
  • Two Videos (overview of lands, trailer....fantastic music)

Must buy through a third party (Digital River)

Major Differences

Base Edition ($39.99)
  • 1,000 Turbine Points
  • Steed of the Eastemnet 
  • Friend of the Mark Title
  • Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
  • Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape Appearance (Pre-Purchase Bonus)

Heroic Edition ($49.99)
  • Hauberk of the Eastemnet
  • Evendim, Moria and Lothlorien Quest Packs
  • Outrider's Token (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
Legendary Edition ($69.99)
  • 2,000 Turbine Points
  • Armour of the Eastment
  • 6th Inventory Bag (Pre-Purchase Bonus)
  • Crystal of Remembrance
  • Exclusive Rohan Content
  • Legendary Item Booster (1 additional legacy)

  • Epic Story Line and Geography is still free....other quests are not
  • Free-Players will have to purchase a War-Steed if they don't buy the expansion
  • Mounted combat is only possible in Rohan
  • Must be 75 to participate in mounted combat

I hope you enjoy the show.