Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 52 - Christmas Shopping in Dunland

Hi all

In this episode we cover the following:

Aragorn will NOT cameo in the Hobbit!

Holmes gets the scoop on The Hobbit!

Gandalf almost quits over Magneto

PJ's take on 3D

LOTRO - Mithril Edition

Update 5:  Quest Notes Dev Diary

Game Reviews:
Big Game Releases

LOTR: War in the North
Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim
Star Wars:  The Old Republic

Site Seeing in Dunland

Dunland Dev Diary

Dunland Wiki Entry


I hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Another great show and fun to here your thoughts on some of the same games I'm tracking.

    As a quick aside, the crafting reputation guilds are there in Lagtrev, there's a door in the back of the crafting room that takes you to another area with all of them.

  2. Hiya Doc! Hope the holiday was a good one for you. Thanks for the tip about the Reputation Guilds....I'd been traveling back to Rivendell every other time I logged in.

  3. Great show, Alberos! I liked that first Holmes movie a lot and mean to see the new one asap. I can't imagine they've shot too much of The Hobbit yet so it will be interesting to see what they put in the teaser.

  4. Hey Alberos, Doc beat me to the comment on the Guild Reps in Galtrev. The door is pretty hidden, so I think a lot of people missed it initially. There is not much missing from this hub. Maybe Taxidermy??? Maybe we will see some new housing items with the new instances in update 5. I do miss seeing other areas at times, so I like it when the Epic Quest line occasionally brings you back to them (as long as it is not OVERdone and becomes Fedex). I have to say that of the three games that you reviewed, Skyrim intrigues me the most. I am sure I would love it, but that's also the reason I am probably not getting it. I just can't picture having 300 hours to play it, and I don't like starting something I can't finish! I think that is why MMO's are so dangerous, because there really IS no finish! I am fan of the first Sherlock Holmes move as well. Great cinimetography with the steam punk imagery and Downey is always great. Not sure why it was panned by some, but looking forward to the Hobbit Trailer. I bet they have filmed more than most people think already. Great fun!
    Braag of Vilya
    Kind-Leader of Eriador's Knights.