Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 46 - Alberos the Social

Welcome to Episode 46. 

Breaking News!
Major Stat Changes

The Steed of Bright Days

Summer Festival Starts runs from June 21-July12

LOST in the Hobbit

Two more cast for the Hobbit

Rise of Isengard Trailer from E3

The Heart of the Show:  Weather Stock 2011 and Social Gaming

I hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Hey, Alberos! Another great show.

    I live in the UK, so can comment on Barry Humphries and on Benedict Cumberbach. BC is a fantastic voice for Smaug, my husband and I both believe he is a great choice.

    Barry Humphries is an unusual person, but before he ever became Dame Edna, he was a classically trained theatre actor.

    I honestly believe he could be a good fit for the role chosen!

  2. Hey alb! Its anonymous again. And good job on another great show. One instance of having a great social experience was when our kin on Windfola(Thorns of Telperion) celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We had 3 days of player run events including name that tune, the bree town DRAG race(i.e. dressing up in the opposite sexes clothing and running through bree) lotteries, fashion and equipment makeovers and tons of fireworks and food at the kin house. Alot of the kin got involved and everyone had 3 days of fun. It was a good way for everyone to get together and hang out and get to know our kinmates a little more for those who didnt. It was a great communal experience and I recommend other kins do similar things if they dont already.

  3. Oh also Alb thanks for answering my question from the last episode. I pretty much agree with everything you said. Being a player since beta and heavy into LOTR i will also be playing until the game is offline. They are doing a great job and also a great job with keeping the lore mostly intact, it just worries me that they will be just trying to milk(understandably, companies do need to make money) it and put out sub par content. But then again, like you said lets wait until Isengard to really see whats up. Im really hoping it blows my socks off. Thanks again!

  4. Loving the show, Alberos!