Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Episode 39 - Snowpocalypse


Meghan "Patience" Jenks is leaving the Turbine Team
Peter Jackson goes into the hospital for stomache ulcers

Servers crashed on 1/30/11 and something coming this weekend

Del Toro interview with New Yorker shares some interesting Hobbit insights

Brace for the Snowpocalypse!

Alberos in Game
Kindred with the Eglain....now off to Forochel

Mount Update:  Steed of Night

The Heart of the Show:  10 Rules for Grouping
1)  If you are the leader forming the group....make sure you have time to actually run the instance/quest
2)  If you are joining the group....make sure you have the time to actually run the instance/quest
3)  If you are the leader...don't kick someone because you found someone you think is 'better'
4)  Establish loot rules up front...making these rules clear makes the looting easier and fair
5)  Don't 'need' on a class item for an Alt if someone with that class is in your group
6)  Establish the group goal...don't tell people you are running a full GS clear when you really want to do the hard mode
7)  Be honest about your experience with the instance...let more experienced players lead so less experienced players can learn
8)  Set Fellowship Assist for the tank and the off tank/melee DPS...it helps out every one
9)  Set Fellowship Manuever before questing or establish what to do when
10)  If for some reason you have to leave a run...please give some warning and don't just log
Bonus Rule:  Make sure everyone knows what role they are playing....Tank, Healer, DPS, Crowd Control, Buff/DeBuff, etc...

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