Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Episode 38 - Dancing with the Red Lady

Hi all!

In this episode we will cover the following:

Frodo, Gollum and Gandalf will be back for the the Hobbit Movies

Turbine revenue has tripled since going F2P

DocHoliday from LOTRO Stratics has a new podcast

Awesome Mount Guide

LOTRO Lotteries have Returned

Account Hacks


News from 1/11/11

LOTRO Game of the Year

David Tennant, Orlando Bloom and Christopher Lee in the Hobbit

Calm Before the Storm and Evil Relics
Letter from Bungo Grubb

Picture of the Evil Relic

Speculation by DocHoliday

What I've Been Doing in Game
Widgit tracking my World Renown progress

Special thanks to Puvi, Miq, Kirrzon, Faeminel and Anddas from Swifty and Hammo for taking me through 16th Hall, Forges (yay!  Class Quest is Done) and Skumfil-Left

Water Works and 2.8.5

My Pet Turtle

Heart of the Show:  Dancing with the Red Lady

Three Areas:  Arboretium, Barrows (See Picture) and the Fortress

Listener Feedback

My Lore Master Traits
Keeper of Animals:  Healer, Light of Hope, The Wild and Ward, Proof Against All Ills

Ancient Master:  Fast Loader, Power and Wisdom, Explosive Force

Legendary:  Eagle-Friend, Ents go to War, Sword and Staff

Hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Thanks for the mentions, and I too re-did my news segment to add in all the Tuesday news :)

  2. Great Podcasts! Keep them coming!

  3. Correction for the Barrows of GA: Ivar's bannerguards aren't supposed to agro you. Each one gives you one of the two nasty debuffs you get when you start the fight. Killing them removes the debuffs and makes the fight much easier.

    Thanks for the podcast though, I didn't know you could get such an awesome title for collecting the evil relics.

    -Awoien of the Amistad del Otro in Arkenstone

  4. I like your podcast, listening quite a while now.

    A comment to the topic of game and forums password. At least for the european servers you can get a free Code-M login on the webpage. This Code-M account is linked to your game account, but you will have a different login and password for the forums login only. To log into the game, you still need your game login as before. This might be a help to split game and forums login, at least for european users.

    - Joachim playing on Belegaer.

  5. After struggling with my LM I decided to copy your traits into my own trait slots. What a difference! I've been doing so much better and find it is nearly impossible to kill my LM off (especially if she has eagle equipped).

    Thank you so much for this post. It has made playing a LM so much more enjoyable!

    Estellwyn (LM on Landroval, Lonely Mountain Band)