Sunday, May 12, 2013

Episode 61 - The One With the Expansions

Hi all-

Welcome to Episode 61 - The One with the Expansions

The News

Bilbo goes to the World's End

The Dwarven Periodic Table

Spock sings the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Spock vs Spock (with a little Hobbit homage thrown in)

Trifecta Tattoo

Was Sting a lightsaber?

Peter Jackson goes in the Tardis?

In Game

The Forsaken Inn

North Cotton Farms


Photo Album

The Heart of the Show

Helm's Deep is coming this fall!

Update 11:  Treachery of the White Hand (Main Article) (Mounted Combat) (Hobbit Presents)

I hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Great ep, as always! I really like the off-topic bit; I hadn't been interested to try the new SimCity before.

    I, too, as a fellow lore nerd, am concerned about update 11. A Stone Giant with a bit of Angband stuck in him? Come on! These concerns have started to fade away, though, as I remember other things in LOTRO that all but break the lore: Skorgrim, undead dragons, lesser balrogs, basically everything in Moria endgame, and so on. I guess I'm finally willing to accept that there is The Lord of the Rings...and then there is LOTRO.

    1. Unfortunately, Update 11 is kind of underwhelming in my opinion. I was disappointed that the content didn't advance the Epic Story line and in general I found it kind of 'meh'. I also don't like how stupid the giant is. During your first encounter (spoiler alert) the giant has the town you are in on the ropes. Instead of pounding it into the ground, he comes in, throws one meaningless NPC into orbit and leaves. Obviously, this guy isn't much of a military genious.

  2. As always, I really enjoyed the show. I actually pre-ordered SimCity. I've always been a huge SC fan, but to be honest, this one disappointed big time. There were so many bugs it's been pretty much unplayable. I know they've got a lot of the bugs worked out now, but I still have awful traffic problems when I get around 100K population. I think Glass Box works fine for utilities, but not for traffic.

    Haven't tried U11 yet in LOTRO. Waiting for all the bug fixes there too, lol. Still working on gearing up my Minstrel and Guardian after an extended break from the game, and leveling a new LM.

    Oh... Hobbit Presents are just plain awful. Really, really awful.

    1. Thanks for your post, Frieja. Its funny I've begun to notice a lot of bugs in SimCity as well. On occasion, I can't get quests to advance or complete and now all of my cities are running out of water.

      And yes....the Hobbit Presents are aweful. Not only does the concept suck, but right now all I've gotten is a handful of copper scraps...hardly worth logging in for.

    2. You'll never believe the workaround in SC for keeping up your water table... Put a waste treatment plant right next to a water treatment plant. Yes, you will be treating sewage and giving it your sims to drink.

    3. ugh....thats gross. Still at least my poor little sims won't die of thirst. Muggings, robbery, and mutated lizard monsters....yes, but not thirst.