Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Episode 59 - To Rohan Via the Shire

Hi all-

Welcome to our double stuff episode 59 - To Rohan via The Shire!  In this episode I'll review the Hobbit, review the Riders of Rohan Expansion, reward our contest winner and discuss other topics.


Man eats entire shire....and survives!

Mordor Weather Report

Gandalf's Motives?

Bilbo's Mom on the Cutting Room Floor

Dwarven Tongue Twisters?

Fitness over Function


All Good Things Must Have Three Endings:  Part 1

Hobbit Art Class

In Game

Play As Frodo
 The Great Eye
 Argonauth Loading Screen
 Argonauth on the River
 The Water is AMAZING!
 The Breaking of the Fellowship
 Looking down on Rohan
 The Nazgul are Here
 Winter Mount:  The Wintery Yule Mount
 At Cliving
 An Ent
 Fighting the Bad Guys
 Merry, Pippin and Treebeard
 Burned Out Stable in Hytbold

Contest Winner:  Shipwreck and Errantry

Alberos Reviews the Hobbit (3.5 out of 5 Stars)

Heart of the Show:  Riders of Rohan Expansion and the Winter Festival

Wrapping Up: Guest Spots
Beneath Your Feet (Hosted by Shipwreck): The Old Forest

Alda Saga (Hosted by Brent Landon)

I hope you enjoy the show.


  1. The reason to run alts through the Yule festival is that it's giving out XP for all the quests. I leveled upt 3 alts from the prologue to levels 10, 17 and 18 just doing the festival quests, along with my 12 other characters, 3 of which are at level cap now.

  2. Actually Kazren thats a great point. Similar to how the crafting now works you can level a toon, even a free to play one, through the festivals and the crafting system. Good Call!

  3. Hey Alberos! Knowing you love all things LOTR related like I do, I wanted to point out a really neat music video from Billy Boyd that just came out. Some great imagery and of course shows off the voice that set the cherry tomatoes to bursting by Denethor.
    - Braag