Sunday, May 20, 2012

Episode 55 - Evolution

Frodo the Orphan

LOTR comes in fourth over the last 50 years

In and Out of Game:

Indulging my mount obsession
Blue Azur Mount
 Festival Mount
 Loosoth Steed
 Fireworks Steed

Following the Epic Quest Line

Class is Over

Heart of the Show:  Evolution of Gaming
SWTOR Subscriptions Drop
WoW Subscriptions Down

Hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Hello, Alberos! Great show as usual.

    Per your poll, I've actually been playing a lot of turn-based strategy games as well. Memoir 44 Online is my current obsession.

  2. Memoir 44 Online....I've never heard of that what is it and where would I find it?

  3. Good show again, always a pleasure to listen to the more calm, sensible and well-spoken podcasters.

    Just finished Mass Effect 3, now playing Diablo 3 and a little Lotro on the side.