Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Episode 35 - Fall Update

Hi all-

In this episode we cover....


Ian McKellan's Re-enacts Balrog Scene

Tolkien Killed a Beatles LOTR

The Hobbit Casting Update (Gandalf isn't signed!)

New Zeland passes a law to keep the Hobbit Movie local

In Game

Ale Association Repeatable Quest Guide

Heart of the Show

Bullroarer Patch Notes

Spotlight on Rune Keepers

Spotlight on Lore Masters

Listener Feedback

Docholiday's Lua Page
Merric & Goldenstar's Plugin Guides
Video Guide:
Written Guide:

I hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Actually, AA has Acquaintance vendor, he stand next to Jónar (pronounced yoh-nahr) at the door to the AA room and he barters Badges of Dishonour for festival tokens of your choice, 3 or 5 a piece.

  2. Hey, I'm listening now, and heard you mention that you were parked next to the three chests in the haunted burrow. I believe the Painted Horse drops from the single chest in the basement - it has a one day cooldown.

  3. Sigh like most of my life I apparently in the wrong place.

  4. Hey Alberos,

    Just wanted to thank you for continuing to do this great podcast. I particularly like how you keep us all up to date on not just the game, but also anything relating to middle-earth like the Hobbit movies.
    I also have a quick question for you: with WoW Cataclysm just released, how big of an impact do you think this will have on LOTRO?