Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Episode 33 - The Enedwaith Hodgepodge

This episode seemed to be a mix of this and that.


Hobbit Headlines from TheOneRing.net (http://www.theonering.net/)
  • The Hobbit in 3D
  • The Hobbit boycotted by NZ Actors
  • Peter Jackson to Direct
Turbine is looking for Testers for the Palantir Private Preview Program (P4?)

MMORPG.com articles on New vs Old MMOs
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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What I've Done in Game
Tail of the Shipwrecked Mariners

Orome, Huntsman of the Valar
Virtues and Traits

The Heart of the Show:  Thoughts on the LOTRO Store and Enedwaith

I hope you enjoy.



  1. One quick note, the 3D used in Avatar is a different critter than the standard 3D used in the past. In Avatar it wasn't as obtrusive as in other 3D movies, though there was some of it, I think it is intended to be more immersive, sort of like attending a play instead of a movie, getting rid of the flat screen.

    As far as the Hobbit, considering they have to rescope it into two three hour movies, I suspect it will have a lot more action than you are anticipating. Yes, the book has long bits of not much action, but you'll most likely find those minimized and gone in the movie. No time for it, basically, and what happened with LOTR (adding back in slow bits and what not brought each movie up to four hours in editor's cut and I bet if he'd had $ to film it he could have easily added more hours to each).

    So The Hobbit is going to be repaced for action, and if its using Avatar 3D it will hopefully not be painful cheesy (such that we avoid the $2 per person 3D tax for almost all movies we go see anymore). For example, start with the dinner party for short background bit then switch via quick transition to dealing with trolls which will be lots of tension and action.

    Then a quick bit in Rivendell followed by lots of action dealing with goblins, eagle rescue. Now another small transition with Beorn to lots of suspension and action in Mirkwood (chasing elves party, fighting spiders, chases in the dark, etc). Small quiet transition in Elves palace until lots of action with barrels in river escape. Another small quiet transition through Dale to finding the door and then a bunch of tension and action with Bilbo vs. Smaug.

    Which launches into major action bit as Smaug goes on his rampage and bites it. Another quiet transition with fortifying, arrival of elves and Gandalf, and then finish off with huge action bit with war of the five armies. End with nice return to shire bit.

    I will be curious to see where they break it for the two parts, but I suspect it will be at the escape in the barrels.

  2. Hi Alberos

    First I just wanted to thank you for rekindling my interest int the Enedwaith region. I had been thinking of not playing it until the level-cap was raised so I could gain exp from all the quests. Now that I have a chance to meet Orome I'm really excited to check it all out.

    I also wanted to comment on the Hobbit movie being in 3D. I completely understand where you are coming from with your lack of excitement. The 3D movies from the 70s and 80s really left a lot to be desired and used the technology in a very frivolous way.

    However, having seen Avatar in 3D I can definitely say 2 things. 1) The tech has gotten A LOT better and 2) Its really more about immersion into the story now that it was before. I can really see (if its done as well as Avatar was) this making the movie much more enjoyable.


  3. Great show, Alberos!

    It's funny; I listened to this Sunday morning and the day before we had been playing through the Mournshaws. Luckily, I was paying attention to the quest and noticed the first woman you speak to talking about the 'Huntsman'. I remember saying, "They could be talking about Orome!"

    And then you confirmed it in the podcast. I'll probably finish the quest line tonight (must..not...look at...screen...) with renewed vigor. I love long, non-epic quest lines like this. For every quest that says, "Hey, I need you to like...kill these rats, okay?" there is one with an amazing, attractive story that weaves in perfectly with the source material (I often reference the Audaghaim questline in Mirkwood).

    In any case, I thought Orome might make a good Lorecast! He's a very important figure in the history of the Middle-earth and a cool one. Let me know if you'd like to do this and if you want some help (I think my email is linked; if not send me a note at shipwreckd@gmail.com). It's been a while since I exercised my lore-nerd muscle.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. I agree with the first two posters. When I listened to your Podcast I was also struck with the differences I have observed with 'cheesy' use of 3D (i.e. - Friday the 13th pitchfork in your face) vs. what Avatar and a few other movies have done more recently. The 3D in Avatar for me was all about bringing the alien world to life thru depth and punch of graphics. Even non-action sequences like the characters just strolling through a jungle were exciting and fresh looking the way they deployed the technology. I very much expect that the Hobbit will be done with the same painstaking care and thoughtfulness.. and If they want Smaug to breathe fire straight at my face at the end of the movie, That's ok too!!!
    Keep up the great program. Your tone and approach to the Lotro Podcast community is unique and refreshing!
    - Braag of Vilya

  5. The 3D effect is a bit mixed bag. At least with the technology I've experienced (XpanD with active shutter glasses) the action scenes really suffer from blurriness which is a bit annoying. So while in theory visually action packed movies sound like a good match, personally I find that slow moving scenes work better.

  6. The Huntsman is not Orome: