Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Episode 32 - First Things First

LOTRO is Free to Play!  Servers were up on Sept 7th and as soon as the news broke the servers were flooded with current and returning players.

So this short episode focuses on what are the first things you should do when logging into the new version of the game:

1)  Watch all of your deeds and titles popup on your screen.  It reminds you of how much you've done in game.
2)  Re-spend your legendary item points.  Turbine has yet again refunded your Legendary Item Points as they have tweaked the legacys.
3)  Re-spend your points on your Skirmish Soldier.  Similar to the Legendary Items, Skirmish Points were apparently refunded as well.
4)  Check in with your class trainer.  While my loremaster didn't have any skills to learn I have heard that some classes did have changes to their skills.  Plus it never hurts to check in to make sure you are up to date.
5)  Check out the new Vault and Wardrobe system.  Its not pretty, but it works.
6)  Visit the LOTRO store and purchase the 'must have' items which include:  Permanent increases to Virtues (but only the ones you use), Permanent increase to Stats (but them all), The Riding Skill (now available at lvl 5), and your first mount.
7)  Join a kinship.  The game has changed and a group of built in friends will help with the learning process.

If you are on Arkenstone and looking for a kin...check out Amistad Del Otro (http://www.delotro.com/).  Its one of the larger kins on Arkenstone and is a very friendly kin. 

Hope this helps when you log in.

See you all in Middle-Earth.


  1. Thanks, man! This clears a few things up.

    One thing, though; if I'm not mistaken the old horse quest is gone. To earn the 'Basic Riding' skill you only need to do the little horse track bit. I've not yet tried it myself to confirm but I heard from several sources that this is the case.

  2. You know I had heard something similar but hadn't confirmed it. That's even better for getting your mount.