Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Episode 48 - Instanceless?

Welcome to Episode 48
LOTR Rules Them All!

Gollum delivers the ring....much to everyone's surprise

Rise of Isengard is Instance Free....for now!

Itemization isn't just for Taxes!

ROI:  Captain Changes

ROI:  Burg Changes

ROI:  Champion Changes

In Game
Alberos skirmishes and goes back to school.

Heart of the Show
What makes an expansion?  Does Rise of Isengard fit the definition now that it doesn't have any instances? 

Listener Feedback
Panthalassia, Swords and Spirits Videos

Shipwrek's New LOTRO Podcast:  Beneath Your Feet

Doctorwhofan raises another concern over the Preorders
Is the 25%xp bonus false advertising as it only applies to monster kills?

Casual Stroll to Mordor's Child's Play Charities

I hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Woo! Thanks for the link, Alberos.

  2. I'm also anxious to hear about your experience with Mythgard. I finished my second degree last year so I'm not ready to go back to school, as it were, so I'll have to hear about it from you. Hopefully they'll let you share a good bit.

  3. Inn of the Forsaken is still broken on Tier 2, apparently. You won't be able to purchase it until they fix it. I double checked this on my Premium account, and had the same problem. Doesn't show up on my Instances to purchase list, nor can I unlock it through the game.

    Here is the link to the forum posts I found:

  4. glad too see lotr number 1 on the fantasy/sci-fi list. i also highly recommend a song of ice and fire and the hbo series which follows the book fairly closely.

    On another note, Im also surprised that no instances will be coming with the expansion. I would have thought instances were a main part of an expansion. I always enjoyed hopping in a new instance and learning the new boss fights with some friends.

    Personally i will not be getting the expansion until they clarify whether the instances will be free later on if you have to pay more to get them.

    Great show, Alberos!