Sunday, January 15, 2017

Episode 70: The Fall of Minas Tirith

Welcome to Episode 70:  The Fall of Minas Tirith


LOTRO and DDO transition to Standing Stone Games!

LOTRO License Renewed?

Death of Princess Leia

Update 19:  March of the King

Epic Quest Line and Other Screen Shots

Game Review and Upcoming

Warhammer:  Total War (4.5/5.0)

X-Com2 - Upcoming

Call of Duty:  Infinite Warfare - Upcoming

I hope you enjoy the show!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Episode 69: Dude!

Welcome to Episode 69:  Dude!

Intro Clip

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure:  Dude Count!


Turbine Transitions to Mobile Game Company 

Turbine Hit With More Layoffs

Play Through 2017 at Least

September Producer's Letter

Mythgard Institute/Signum University Fall Fund Raising

In Game

Other Games

Warhammer:  Total War (4/5)

Eve Online

Star Wars:  The Old Republic

I hope you like the show!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Episode 68: Lost in MMORPG History

Welcome to Episode 68:  Lost in MMORPG History


Epic Rap Battle:  JRR Tolkien vs George RR Martin

Princess Rap Battle:  Galadriel vs Leia

In Game

Recent Update:  More Turbine Points for Slayer Achievements

Minas Tirith

Total War:  Warcraft

Heart of the Show:  Where are MMOs going? MMO List Upcoming MMOs

I hope you enjoyed the show!


Monday, February 29, 2016

Episode 67: Into Osgiliath

Welcome to Episode 67!


2016 Executive Producers Letter

My Journey from Pelargir to the western side of Osgiliath

A Layover in Tumladen

Admiring the sculptures

Osgiliath in flames

Against the Mumak

At the cross roads

Which is patrolled by Mumakil

A better view of the city

On the great bridge

Which has been repaired

The Palace of Eldacar (

The Return of an old "friend"

Finally, Minas Tirith

The ruins of Osgiliath

Games Reviews
The Park (2/5 or 4/5 for TSW fans)

Neverwinter Nights Online (3/5)

Eve Online

Heart of the Show:  Osgiliath - The Citadel of the Stars