Thursday, August 4, 2011

Episode 47 - A Long Time Coming

Episode 47 - A Long Time Coming


Official Pics from the Hobbit

Mythgard Institute offers studies in Tolkien

Five Ways WOW made the MMO better

WOW to go F2P?

In Game

Summer Festival Mount

Heart of the Show - Current Races and Classes and Where Could We Go From Here?

Guardian - Tank / Off-DPS
Warden - Off-Tank / Off-DPS
Champion - DPS / Off-Tank
Captain - Buffer / Off-Heals/Tank/DPS
Burglar - Debuffer / Off-DPS

Hunter - DPS
Ministrel - Heals / Off-Buffer
Runekeeper - Heals / DPS (but only one or the other)
LoreMaster - Off-Everything

Future (Alberos's wish list)?
Dunedain as a playable race, Ranger as a playable class (Hero Class?)
Sub-Race Specific Stat Buffs
Cosmetics only available through quest lines (joining the Gondorian Guard, etc...)
Lossoth, Dundlings, etc.... as playable races

Hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Hey Alberos. Great Cast as usual (even if it was recorded in parts over 3 weeks!). Imagining new potential classes in Lotro is a fun exercise that I am sure a lot of us have indulged in. I have two suggestions that I have thought about in the past that I think fit the lore and could be very interesting.
    The first is the Druedain class ( Reviewing what the wiki says about the Druedain (Ghan Buri Gahn is their cheiftan from ROTK), I believe them to be the inspiration for the Guaredain we see in game. They are described as 'Squat, powerful, Mystics' and could be a cross between Champion and RK of sorts (Meleee DPS with some RK-like spells). A hybrid that does not really exist currently in game.
    The second suggestion is one that I think would excite a lot of people. I believe there is suggestion in the lore that Beorn (and his son GrimBeorn) was a chieftan of the Beornings, so theoretically there could be other 'Beornings' with similar powers (though obviously not at Beorn's level). This would allow a class with the ability to transform to Animal form or Half-Animal form and have skills that morphed dynamically in-game at that time. Imagine the possibilities!

    I actually hope that they don't get to the point where they consider an Ent class. I think that would be too disconcerting to see Ents walking about The Shire and Bree and such, but the two suggestions I made I think would be very popular and different without of course breaking the lore which is so crucial to the game. Cheers, Braag of Vilya, Kin-leader of Eriador's Knights.

  2. Alberos,
    I love listening to your podcast! Here is how I listen to you. I am in Northern NJ. My wife and I went to our town pool yesterday and set ourselves up in our usual spot. As I settled in, I took out my iPhone 4, connected my headphones and kicked off your podcast. You certainly have the gift of speaking. I thoroughly enjoy not only the content you cover but the format of your show. As always, I look forward to your next podcast.
    Javidor of Mirkwood - Elendilmir server

  3. Alberos,

    Finally got around to listening to this most recent episode. I just want to say that I couldn't agree more about adding more importance to the "sub-race". It would be a great, easy, lore-appropriate way of differentiating characters.

  4. Hi Alberos,

    Just started listening to the cast and have been going through the episodes as I play. In regard to your wish list item for "place holder quests" to direct you to the next step/level of the epic story line (did I say that right?). You mentioned having some sort of trigger in the game that could keep you from getting ahead of yourself. I found that very thing when playing in East of Angmar as you get past the evil turtles and flame worms (Please bear with me as I'm trying to remember the circumstance).

    As you get to the statues with the broken hearts, if you're not high enough level, you are instantly killed and sent back to the encampment respawn point and you get a message that says something to effect that you are not strong enough to withstand the fear.

    So the mechanic you dreamed up does actually exist. Now, applying that in other situations is another matter, but it is possible.

    I hope this makes sense. Enjoying the show and I'm learning a lot.

    Cheers, Isbeth lvl 50 hunter on Meneldor