Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Episode 51 - A Little Departure

Episode 51 - A Little Departure


The Hobbit to premiere in New Zealand

Six new Hobbit Sketches

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MMORPG Editorial
DC Universe Going F2P

Painted Skeleton

In Game
Discussing Lore with Shipwreck on "Beneath your Feet:  Episode 4

Exploring Northern Dunland:  Trum Dreng, Bonevales, and Galtrev

My new Autumn Mount

The Hunstman Returns

Heart of the Show:  Top Gamer Moments
1  The first time getting to Meethil Harbor (WoW).  I'm not sure why this popped into my mind but it always seemed to mark the move from the early areas into the more experienced areas.
2  Watching my brother die in the cave-in encounter in Gnomergon (WoW)
3  Entering Moria for the first time
4  Wandering the shire while doing the pie and mail quests
5  My duel with Nature Lord when I was on a WoW pvp server
6  Playing a Twink in the lvl 20 BGs
7  Soloing through Garth Agarwen on my Lore Master
8  Playing any of the old D&D games like Pool of Radiance or the Ice Wind Dale trilogy
9  Finally being the top scorer in a HALO pvp battle (and then realizing how bad my competition must have been)
10  Finding the hidden lore nuggets in LOTRO (like the balrog cave painting in Moria, or the references to fallen Cardolain in the Great Barrows)

I hope you enjoy the show!


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  1. Great podcast, enjoyed listening to your favourite moments, I remember stranglethorn vale fights, first time I took a gryphon in WoW, first time I saw Rivendell (walked there as a level 7 in 2009 on my first character! haha) First time I duo'd Grand Stairs at 65, After about 1 year of playing lotro regularly I realised you could actually enter Bag End and was amazed by all the little details in Bilbo's home!

    Good job on a great podcast