Thursday, June 9, 2011

Episode 45 - Isengard Rising!

Hi all

Welcome to Episode 45 with the big news about the next LOTRO expansion.

In this episode we will cover....

Why so many fantasy novels suck

A Czech re-enactment of LOTR

The Hobbit Movie Titles:  An Unexpected Journey, There and Back Again

Orlando Bloom returns for the Hobbit

Famous Drunken Scenes

Steve Fry to be Major

Ian McKellen plays with himself?

Mapping out the Fellowship

What I've Been Doing in Game

World Renown:  Eriador Mount

The Heart of the Show

Rise Of Isengard launches Sept 27th


Outfits and Mounts

The Westfold Set

Helmingas Set

The Eorlings Set

I hope you enjoy the show!



  1. Great show, Alberos!

    And good information on the pre-order stuff as well; I also thought the XP bonus was a buff. I'm glad to know what I'm getting into whenever I pre-order.

  2. Another great show alb keep up the good work. What are your thoughts about Turbine obviously becoming money hungry and putting money ahead of quality and customer service? We all knew it was coming when the store came into play and with the WB buyout, but how do you feel?

  3. Loving the show (as always!). Nice fast download speed to get the episodes too. Keep up the great work.