Friday, April 8, 2011

Episode 42 - Echoes of the Dead

Hi all-

Welcome to Episode 42 Echoes of the Dead


Smaug is a billionaire!

Gollum to direct Bilbo?

Map to Middle-Earth and other scifi/fantasy realms

Steed of Minas Ithil (Minas Morgul)

In Game
Finished Vol 2

Completed the Epic Story Line through Volume 3, Book 3

Heart of the Show

Echoes of the Dead Review

Pictures of the Stone of Erech

Listener Feedback

Hope you enjoy the show.



  1. Love the show as usual Alb. Im glad you have been doing updates more frequently lately. Just a idea but you may want to run your file through a hiss reduction when its done. I can hear hissing throughout the show in the backround. Its doesnt take away from the show or anything but i just figured id let you know.

  2. Heya Alberos, great show.

    My warden (Isaeric) is working on world renown as well, so try to contact me whenever you want to go grinding.

    I was looking for a "Haven't yet attempted" on the poll, but had to settle with "Can't find a group to run with."

    Thanks for the news for the hobbit movie and in-game. I haven't even played my hunter since the update, so I haven't done any of V.III yet.

    -Awoien of the Amistad del Otro in Arkenstone

  3. I recently did the World-Renowned bit on my main and Evendim was one of the easier ones for me as I just went down to the Annuminas Docks area and cleared things out. Probably 40ish regular mobs down there resulting in lots of reputation items, and a fair amount of gold too :)

  4. Thanks for the advice DocHoliday!

    I think that's where I need to go. I worked my way further up into the ruins and realized I wasn't getting the item drops like I was down in that area.

    Can't wait to finish World Renowned!