Thursday, March 10, 2011

Episode 41 - Awaiting the Gaunt Lords


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Legendary Items Dev Diary

Instance Cluster Dev Diary

Raid:  Ost Dunhoth

Crafting Dev Diary

Soloification Dev Diary

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Heart of the Show:  The Gaunt Lords

Not Cannon, but consistent with the lore

Thadur the Ravager (Representing Famine, in Great Barrows soon to be in North Cotton Farms by Oatbarton)
Drugoth the Death-mange (Representing Death, in the Dragonwing of Helegrod soon to be in Glacier Fortress (Forochel)
Ivar the Bloodhand (Representing War, in Garth Agarwen Barrows soon to be in Stonehights (North Downs))
Ferndur the Virulent (Representing Pestilience, in Imlad Bacharth (Angmar) soon to be in Lost Temple (Troll Shows)
Gortheron the Doom-caller (Representing Evil, in the Lhe Calvarn (Enedwaith) soon to be in Ost Dunhoth)

Listener Feedback

Map of Enedwaith - The Haunted Castle is in the south west

Ost Dunhoth (?)

The Vorpal Bunny

Another look at this deadly creature

Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. I think I can shed some light on the story of the Gaunt-lords:

    During the Shadows of Angmar period we killed the four then-known Gaunt-lords. Now after some time comes Enedwaith - and a pretty simple quest to disrupt some kind of ritual taking place in Lhe Colvarn. The quest is called "The Darkness revealed" and the "trick" is to stay in the barrow a little while after you finish the quest. Gortheron will appear on a balcony and give a little speech about how we rascals ruined his ritual and that we shall, obviously, rue the day we crossed path with Gortheron the Doom-caller (mwahahaha!).

    The point of the ritual was to put Ferndúr into a new body and judging by what's coming Gortheron still succeeded in resurrecting the four defeated Gaunt-lords who then returned to Eriador. So they will be both in the new and in the old instances - the thing is they don't exist in the same timeline.

    It may seem cheap that they've returned from the dead so that we'll have an enemy to fight but remember Sauron - he did it twice.

  2. I would have never found that Vorpal Bunny reference. LOL. Thanks for the update and grats on the leadership of our kin! I think I want to copyright the phrase "free to pay to play" if you don't mind.

    I somewhat agree with the direction turbine has been going regarding the gaunt-lords and the "soloification" of vol II. The gaunt-lords do make fun targets as they can be killed and brought back to life over and over and over... apparently. As far as making vol II soloable, I think they should have settled with the middle ground. Making the quests easier and faster, so that you can find a group rather than making it so you can go through on your own. Oh well.
    -Awoien of the Amistad del Otro in Arkenstone

  3. Forgot to add, the embedded podcast player is working now.

  4. Enjoyed the show. Podcast player working fine for me

  5. Glad you got a new episode up! bummer that something happened and it switched to episode 39 about 10 minutes in. Dig the new player but i just expierenced that you cant fast forward or rewind the podcast at all.

  6. Skipped again to episode 39 while listening to 41. oh well guess ill get to hear it someday.

  7. Anon - are you having the skipping problem with the embedded podcast player or with a downloaded (say from iTunes) version?


  8. First time listerner and thanks for an interesting podcast, which was pitched just right for me. I liked the way you have some broader news articles and the way you have gathered it all up for me in one place.

    I was interested to hear about the Gaunt Lords, I hadn't really picked up on all the backstory to them. They'd just been named mobs to me. Also on the lore front I've always found it handy to distinguish the lesser Valar (Sauron, Gandalf and co) as Maiar.

    I'm also working on World Renown (7/11) at the moment and for the Eglain I definitely found it easiest to top up my quest reputation with the craft quests. As a metalsmith I had a store of rich-iron that was cluttering up my bank but very quickly it was converted into reputation. The others are not too bad, Rivendell required a bit of time in Goblin Town to collect reputation items. Lossoth and Esteldin are my next targets but are taking more time.

    Wish I had found this podcast sooner

    Mara, Withywindle-EU

    P.S. Just to say that I can see the player on the site but once one show is finished it skips onto the next. Don't know if that is intentional or not.

  9. Oh, that blickety-blam boar meat quest for cooks. That's had my poor alt's culinary development stalled for something like two years now. I look forward to finally being able to complete her skills.

  10. hey Alb, i was having the problem with the player on your page and also the prob when i went to the hosts site to listen to it from there. its seems episode 41 is only 10 or so minutes long? ill try itunes later at work and see if that works. Thanks!

  11. FWIW, the podcast player is awesome and works great for me. If you want a player that has forward/backwards control, have one on the Lotrocast pages there. But this one is nice because I can play them right here. The entire episode plays great for me - you might want to check your cable modem or network router at home. Old routers had a nasty habit of stalling long downloads from certain types of servers. If you don't have any problems at your work, then its probably your router that is messed up and you might want to upgrade its firmware or get a new one. Peace.